We are the leading designers and developers of packaging solutions in Los Angeles. We help you do what you cannot do with your bare hands. That’s securing your products ready for transport to whatever spot you pick on the globe. We don’t have a single system but a spectrum of them to handle different loads as it is necessary. These systems helps in palletizing and unitizing your cargo. Some of the systems we have designed include stretch wrappers, strapping machines, patented pillow systems among many others. We also have a wide range of supplies that go in line with the use of machinery in packaging.


We know that engineering companies are judged by the output they give per given duration of time. Ever since we came to life, we have shown a upward graph of success. We started small but we have grown to become the leading company there is in Los Angeles and one of the best around the globe. With our many premises, we are able to generate huge profits every year and sustain our vast work force. We also have subsidiaries in other parts of the world to ensure smooth flow of your products whenever you are sending them to far destinations or importing some products. 

We have professional teams in operation and sales. These together with the high end machinery ensure proper maintenance of all premises and prompt service to all our clients. We have special policies governing our operation. All members agree to be bound by these policies and hence the reason for success in those past years. And we are still improving. The future is promising.

Thanks to all

We being the best has been due to the commitment of our personnel in all areas. They have shown a lot of loyalty and that’s why we have to salute them for their productive efforts. More to thank is our clients. They are the biggest parties that have brought us this far. Were it not for them, we could have been doomed in the world of losses. Such support cannot go unrecognized. Due to this, we promise to keep moving forward through our strategic planning and principles to ensure that the future adopts the same track of success.

Our development hub

This is the headquarters for engineers and their innovative operations. Our team here invents new products and techniques using the modern 3 dimension CAD systems. New procedures are tested here and approved before they are used in the ground for actual packaging. This is to ensure that we remain at the top spot before our competitors.

Production is 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our team of professionals work in shifts to keep work flowing no matter what time it is. And we don’t go behind our clients. We always fight for standard products and services in the industry. That’s why we seek licensing and certification by all the regulatory bodies. We are accredited by ISO operate after meeting all their standards.