Packaging is what we specialize in at YD packaging solutions. We create designs on how to package and brand products as fast as possible and within the lowest cost per unit. So far, we have been able to do that effectively to the extent that no client complains but most of them come back to say thanks. We have among the best engineers on the industry. They have contributed a great deal in ensuring that we are the best company for logistics and packaging. But they couldn’t have done much were it not for the modern machinery we have in our development centers.

What we package

Talk of moving your items and a wise man will see the essence to package all the stuff in such a way that they are easier to handle. You have done this during your previous move even if you did it DIY. In the same way, we know that products need packaging before they are released into the market for sales. We design the solutions for the food related products as well as non-food products. Each product has its specialized piece of equipment and other supplies that help in the packaging. With these, our team are now boosted to deliver effective engineering services to clients with turnkey types of contracts. These are clients who are interested in getting the final packaged products and not the process. We are experienced in a wide range of products whether solids or liquids.

FFS packaging equipment

It’s one of the decorated machines in our development centers. It’s an innovative solution to a wide range of packaging needs. Primary packaging of the food products including liquids and beverages is done by this modern machine. Cosmetic products that also tend to adopt the same forms are also perfectly packaged by the same machine. With these multifunction and top level piece of machinery, we are second to none.

The FFS equipment is flexible enough to boost optimum performance. You can choose whatever format or shape of container for liquid or solid products. Examples of liquids such as juices and yogurts are rapidly packaged and to perfection. In the process, issues of safety and hygiene for these foods are never compromised. Our processes are ISO approved.

We offer custom services

Packaging is part of branding for every business. We help you design the best outlook of your products by offering the perfect packaging services. We ensure that primary packaging for our clients is ideal and to their satisfaction. We help them design the best cup shape for their products. Labeling and later sealing are other processes that we offer for food products.

Benefits of our high end packaging

Our innovative technologies in all our machinery comes with a bag of benefits to our clients. First, they help boost productivity as more of the products can be packaged within a short while. Second, the process is cost effective. You don’t have to part with millions of dollars even before you make sales. Quality standards are also guaranteed.

For more details about our packaging services, reach out to us and we will be there to respond.