Packaging is an important factor not only for securing the products but also for branding. How you package your products will determine how much sales you will make. That should tell you how extra careful you should be before you pick just any other packaging solution. At YD packaging solutions we have a track record that supports our quality performance over the years. We can help you model the dream product that you know will speak for itself once on the shop shelves. To make the best solution though, consider having a bigger picture of how you would like your product will be like, the output required, the future adjustments e.g. Christmas rebranding, and such factors. Once you identify what exactly you want, we will help you accelerate and boost efficiency of your entire production using our state of the art equipment.

Our professionals also advice on what you might need as well as packaging styles. These include;

High speed solution

It is the premium option we offer to clients. Using this system, you stand the chance of having the highest production rate. It comes with several benefits including;

  • High efficiency – you can expect to boost your productivity measuring on the number of packaged products per unit of time. He speed factor interprets everything. You don’t have to wait for a single step but your products flow through and are ready for the market in a short while.
  • Higher flexibility – with packaging solutions like our own, you can adjust several features to suit different applications ensuring full utilization of the machinery.
  • Top accuracy – you have seen the sub-standard products get packaged in such a way that some products are not uniform to the rest. Such abnormalities are blamed to the packaging solutions. You won’t have to blame YD packaging solutions as we will do a uniform job all through.
  • Low maintenance costs – the TCO is low as the level of output yielded is high and on the contrary, the costs consumed in repairs and maintenance are minimized.

Other system modules

Other options are also available if you are not to go with the high speed option. These include vertical bagger. It has its benefits as well but is second to option 1.

We are a home of solutions to all your packaging needs. Wait no more if you have some production factory requiring your products to be professionally packaged. YD packaging solutions have you covered.